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Millions of people use Google every day. Take your talent acquisition to the next level and find new talent across the entire Google ecosystem in a targeted & effective way.

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Optimal listing on Google for Jobs
Over 78% of job seekers start with Google. The Google Jobbox is positioned above all organic results. With SEO for Jobs, you ensure optimal presentation and visibility on Google for Jobs.
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Reach talented people willing to change jobs on YouTube
With YouTube Ads you can reach potential applicants in their free time. Expand your reach to people who are not yet actively looking for a job.
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Maximum reach on external websites and apps
Reach potential candidates on over 2 million websites and apps. Convince talented individuals currently employed to consider changing jobs with your attractive job offers.
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Your personal job offer
Direct contact in the e-mail inbox
Use Gmail campaigns to display your job ad as a personal message directly in their Gmail inbox. Thanks to comprehensive profiling, you can address exactly your target group from the 1.8 billion users worldwide.
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Visibility of the job ad in the personalized news feed
Every month, 800 million people worldwide use Google Discover to keep up to date with their interests. Place your ads where people are looking for inspiration and something new.
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"Google makes searching for a job easier than ever."
"For applicants, Google becomes the first point of entry into the application process."
"And just like that, Google becomes the world's biggest job board."

Your advantages - Made for recruiters

  • groups Reaching candidates in all situations Millions of people use Google or products from the Google universe every day in their private and professional lives. The various channels are used to target talented people actively looking for a job or consuming content at the right moment.
  • bolt Plug & Play integration SEO for Jobs is compatible with all common HR systems. We automatically transfer your job advertisements from your career portal and keep them up to date. The setup is free of charge and takes place within 24 hours - without any effort on your part.
  • auto_awesome Controllable automation Campaign proposals are created based on your job advertisements using generative AI. These can be customized at any time if required. To publish in the Google ecosystem, all you need to do is set a budget, which can be flexibly adjusted.
  • ads_click Only pay for relevant clicks Google's gigantic database ensures that job ads are displayed to the relevant target group. The learning algorithms continuously lead to more effective clicks - only these incur costs.
  • insights Transparent reporting The comprehensive dashboard provides all figures and results in real time. This means that budgets and the performance of job advertisements can be viewed at any time. Success thus becomes measurable.
  • support_agent Exclusive personal support Our team of experts provides support with optimization and is on hand with its many years of experience. Personal consultations can be booked at any time - at no extra cost. So nothing stands in the way of successful recruiting with Google.

Customer testimonials

The team at SEO for Jobs has completely transformed our recruitment process with their personalized support and expertise. The flexibility and transparency of their platform allows us to utilize our budget efficiently while reaching a greater number of qualified candidates. We are thrilled!
Susan Bauer
Care provider
Personal service at SEO for Jobs fits in perfectly with our family business. Uncomplicated help with your employee search!
Heike Neumann
Delicatessen Import
As a software service provider, we are constantly faced with the challenge of finding highly qualified developers. SEO for Jobs has enabled us to target exactly the talent we need in a targeted and efficient way. The software is intuitive and the results speak for themselves. An indispensable tool for any tech company that wants to grow!
Benjamin Schmidt
Software service provider
In the complex landscape of global talent acquisition, you need more than just standard solutions. SEO for Jobs has not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. The AI-driven playout and dynamic budget adjustment have taken our reach and efficiency to a new level. Their solution is a paradigm shift in the way we think and act about recruitment. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of recruitment.
Lukas Hartmann
Global logistics specialist
In our local retail store, we attach great importance to a personal touch and customer proximity. The helpful team has been impressive in helping us find exactly the right people who share our values. The ease of use of their tool and quick access to candidates has exceeded our expectations. A real asset for small businesses.
Mia Lang
Local fashion store
SEO for Jobs saved our startup. Fast, effective talent acquisition at startup-friendly prices!
Harper Davis
Food Startup
I always thought such tools were not for a small business like ours. But wow, SEO for Jobs is! With a manageable budget, we have found craftsmen who not only can, but also want to. Simple, uncomplicated and no frills. Finally someone who thinks about the little ones too!
Magnus Ek
Craft business
Environmental engineering is a fast-growing but specialized field. SEO for Jobs has made it easy for us to find specialized professionals who not only have the technical skills, but also the necessary awareness of our mission. They are a game changer for recruiting in niche industries. Highly recommended for companies looking for specialists with specific skills.
Jonas Fischer
Environmental technology company

20,000+ companies of all sizes trust us

3 steps to more candidates

Create job ads and optimize them for Google
The first step is to create your job ads in our intuitive system. You have the choice of writing them manually, having them written with AI support or connecting your career portal free of charge using our 100+ integrations.

SEO for Jobs does not compete with your existing systems or recruiting measures. Instead, we complement them seamlessly to open up Google as a recruiting channel holistically.
Type of employment
  • Google for Jobs
  • Youtube
  • Display Network
  • Mail
  • Discover
Roll out performance recruiting campaigns on Google
With the help of innovative campaign management, you can easily use all Google channels. The learning algorithms only show your job ads to the most suitable candidates. This means that your recruiting campaigns are precisely targeted and your budget is used extremely efficiently - no matter how many vacancies you have to fill.
Measuring success and keeping an eye on costs
Keep track of your published job ads and the corresponding Google campaigns at all times with live evaluations.

You can readjust campaigns that are already running at any time. Our system also automatically stops spending on filled positions.
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  • ✓ Career page
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  • ✓ All Enterprise Features
  • ✓ Min 25.000$ ad budget
  • ✓ Budget divisible at will
  • ✓ Live Dashboard
  • ✓ We maintain your account
  • ✓ Personal contact person
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although almost all Internet users can be reached via the Google ecosystem and Google for Jobs is the largest job board in the world, Google as a recruiting channel is still given little attention in many HR departments - or is even still completely unknown.

At SEO for Jobs, we specialize in recruiting with the search engine giant and thus provide you with easy access to the Google Talent Acquisition Ecosystem.

In the following, we answer the most important questions about recruiting via Google.

Complete FAQ

What are the advantages of SEO for Jobs?
According to the motto "What Google doesn't know doesn't exist", there is no way around Google in everyday working life and in leisure time.

SEO for Jobs specializes in recruiting via Google. Users often trust Google more than your partner. This means that practically every user is completely transparent to Google. We display your job ads to exactly the right target group and also reach people who cannot be reached by other means. To do this, we use Google products including the gigantic Google advertising network. However,

SEO for Jobs is not an agency, but provides powerful software that you can use to publish and advertise your job ads yourself with just a few clicks.
Is Google for Jobs also supported?
Originally, SEO for Jobs specialized exclusively in listing job ads on Google for Jobs and was the first specialist service provider for Google for Jobs on the market.

Unlike most job boards or systems, we don't just support Google for Jobs, we overcome all hurdles and optimize your job ads for the best possible results on Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs plays a central role in recruiting via Google, but is only one building block in comprehensive, cross-channel recruiting campaigns.
Can I try SEO for Jobs for free?
Create free access to SEO for Jobs with just a few clicks. With free access, you can get an impression of the structure and handling of the software solution and try out the functions of SEO for Jobs.

For example, create a free employer profile and secure a permanent entry in Google for Jobs. This will increase the visibility of your employer brand on the Internet.

You can also create job ads and have campaign suggestions generated for the various channels of the Google ecosystem, which you can then publish with just one click.
Is SEO for Jobs an agency?
No, SEO for Jobs is not an agency. On the contrary: SEO for Jobs positions itself as a scalable and cost-efficient alternative to traditional recruitment marketing agencies.

SEO for Jobs has digitized and automated the expertise of a recruitment marketing agency in the form of a software solution. Every day, our developers work together with industry specialists to further develop the self-explanatory software.

If you have any questions, our team of HR and marketing experts is of course always available to help you get the most out of your recruitment campaigns.

From a certain annual budget limit, our experts will also be happy to take over the operation of our software for you.
We already have an agency, is it still something for me?
Many of our customers have already identified Google as an attractive recruiting channel and have already made extensive use of it. Due to a lack of in-house expertise, a lack of resources or various other reasons, an external agency is often commissioned for this purpose.

With SEO for Jobs, you have a tool at hand to map this business-critical process yourself. SEO for Jobs automatically synchronizes all job advertisements with your career portal, generates AI-supported, high-quality recruiting campaigns and, if desired, places them completely automatically on all Google channels. Conversion tracking, i.e. measuring which campaign and target group converts best to applicants and the subsequent bid optimization, is also integrated. Specialized software such as SEO for Jobs often maps this much better than solutions developed individually by agencies for each client - if these features, which are essential for managing the campaigns, are used at all

SEO for Jobs can therefore be used to map scalable and cost-efficient recruiting campaigns in the Google ecosystem without technical expertise.
Do I need a Google Ads account?
No, it's very simple for you. You don't need a Google Ads account or a normal Google account. With us, you can set up and manage extensive campaigns for your job ads in just a few minutes with minimal effort. We ensure optimal targeting and AI-supported readjustment on the respective Google channels.
Do I need a credit card?
No. You can register directly free of charge and without a credit card and get to know SEO for Jobs. To publish job ads, you will then need a final plan and should top up your advertising account. However, you do not need a credit card here either. You can pay with the following payment methods, among others: On account, via Paypal, direct debit, credit card, Google Pay, ...
What are the costs?
We are completely transparent here. The costs are divided into two parts: Firstly, you pay a small monthly basic fee for using SEO for Jobs. The corresponding plans differ in terms of functionality and the maximum number of published job ads. In addition, you top up your advertising account and use this for all your job ads to publish Google campaigns. Here you only pay per click on your job ad.

Google's precise profiling enables us to address exactly the right target group for your job ad, which minimizes wastage. In addition, your campaign is continuously optimized by learning algorithms.

The actual costs per click depend heavily on the competition for potential talent, whereby you can always keep an eye on performance through live evaluation.
How do I connect my career page/ATS?
It's child's play. To do this, you need a Business, Enterprise or Managed plan and can then enter the link to your career site in your account. Within a few hours, we will integrate or connect your career site with your SEO for Jobs account free of charge. All your job ads will then be available in the tool without any further setup effort and you can start your recruiting via Google campaigns. There are no costs for you and we do not need access to your ATS.
How do I manage the budget?
You can top up your account-wide advertising account in your account in a completely transparent and fair manner in order to then set budgets for the respective jobs. In addition to a one-off top-up, it is also possible to activate an automatic top-up. This ensures that your campaigns always have sufficient budget. The maximum daily budget per job advertisement is specified directly when it is published and can be adjusted at any time. If required, you can also have the current balance of your advertising account paid back at any time.
Is there a contact person?
Yes, our team of experts is available for queries via video meetings, telephone or email and looks forward to exchanging ideas with you. You can book appointments flexibly and free of charge via our expert calendar.

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