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About SEO for Jobs

SEO for Jobs is the first service provider specialized in Google for Jobs on the German market. The software solution of the same name is used to place, analyze and optimize job ads on Google for Jobs. An intervention in the website of the customer is not necessary.

New technologies - like Google for Jobs - can turn entire industries upside down almost overnight. At the same time, these technologies are often complex and difficult to access.

SEO for Jobs has made it their goal to make Google for Jobs easily accessible to everyone. In over 15 years, Alexander Meirowski and Patrick Schmidt - the founders of SEO for Jobs - have gained a lot of experience in software development. All this know-how is now also in their latest software product SEO for Jobs.

More about SEO for Jobs

Google for Jobs - Brief introduction

Google's new search function for job ads makes the search engine giant the largest job board in the world. Based on the search query, Google recognizes whether the respective user is looking for a new job and then displays job ads directly on the first search results page. To get an idea of Google for Jobs yourself, you can search Google for "jobs near you".

Job listings are highlighted by a blue box on Google. Clicking on "more jobs" opens Google for Jobs window-filling with more search and filter functions.

Google for Jobs has been available since May 2017 in United States of America. Nevertheless, the new search function is not yet known in the personnel departments of many companies. In daily customer meetings, every second customer has never seen Google for Jobs for himself.

Technically, Google for Jobs is based on structured data that must be stored on the website. This usually requires the support of a programmer.

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Patrick Schmidt
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SEO for Jobs
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