Wordpress and Google for Jobs: How it works

Wordpress plugins can be used to transfer job ads from your own website to Google for Jobs. How exactly this looks like and how they work in comparison to SEO for Jobs, you can read here.

The Wordpress logo
The Wordpress logo

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is an open source content management system (CMS). It is a software that makes it easy to create your own website. The content of a website or blog can thus be easily created and managed without programming experience. The wordpress software is generally free for everyone, but a distinction must be made between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. With wordpress.com, you buy a plan and your website is managed by a provider. If you work with wordpress.org you are solely responsible for the administration and editing of your software. With wordpress, the functionality of a website can be supplemented by extensions. These are so-called plugins that can be added individually, for example, there are plugins for listing jobs on Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is the new largest job board in the world. With Google's new tool, available jobs can be accessed directly from the Google search page. In order for job ads to appear on Google for Jobs, technical requirements must be met on your own website for Google to recognize the ads as such. But what if these requirements cannot be met? On Wordpress, some plugins have been made available to ensure job ads are placed on Google for Jobs. But how user-friendly and powerful are these plugins?

We took a closer look at three options for listing jobs on Google:

The Jobs for Wordpress logo
The Jobs for Wordpress logo

1. jobs for wordpress

With the plugin from BlueGlass "Jobs for Wordpress" job ads can be added manually to your own website or career page. They are automatically structured with schema data from schema.org. This makes it possible for Google to find the job ads well and post them on Google for Jobs.

+ Free of charge

+ Management of applications

+ manual input of job ads

- No security for logo adoption

- No proactive job indexing for secure & fast activation of job ads

- No active deactivation of job ads on Google

The Schema and Structured Data logo
The Schema and Structured Data logo

2. schema and Structured Data for WP and AMP

This plugin from Magazine 3 also provides structured data according to schema.org guidelines, which structures your website for search engine optimization. Thus, data will be detected faster by search engines. In addition, you can use Schema and Structured Data for other than jobs, such as blog posts, articles or product pages.

+ Different schema types available

+ Free of charge

- No proactive job indexing for secure & fast activation of job ads

- Unclear user interface

- No employer profile

- No possibility for active deactivation of job ads on Google

3. SEO for Jobs

SEO for Jobs is the first German provider where job ads can be placed manually on Google for Jobs. No structured data is necessary and the job ads can be edited manually at any time.

+ Simple user guidance

+ Manual management of job ads

+ Automatic listing of existing job ads

+ No additional Wordpress plugin required

+ Optimized for Google for Jobs

+ Direct contact and support

+ Quick deactivation of jobs

- Only from 79 $ monthly

  1. Works directly with Wordpress

  2. Setup and Go-Live within 12 hours

  3. Synchronization with Google for Jobs runs completely automatically

  4. Optimal results through quality assurance

  5. Candidates are redirected directly to your website

  6. The use of our system is completely invisible

  7. No risk due to monthly contract and fair prices


Now looking at the three different options, they take different approaches. "Jobs for Wordpress" is specifically designed for listing jobs on Google for Jobs. However, not all possibilities for a fast and stable placement are exhausted here. The situation is similar with the "Schemas and Structured Data" plugin. The latter is more general and also allows the inclusion of other schema data. Those aiming for a stable and user-friendly listing on Google for Jobs are well served by SEO for Jobs. By optimizing for Google for Jobs, job ads can be activated and deactivated quite easily. You don't have to worry about the appropriate formatting either. But just try it out yourself, which solution suits you best!

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