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Google is the world's largest job exchange. Millions of job seekers search on Google every day. Attract top talent by using the power of SEO for Jobs to increase exposure of your job postings on Google.

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Don't pay high fees for placing your job ads on a third-party portal. With SEO for Jobs you can place your job ads directly on Google for Jobs from just HK$449 / month

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"For applicants, Google will be the first entry point into the job application."
"In the future, the online job search will shift more and more to Google."
"All of a sudden, Google could be the largest job board in the world."

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Use the potential of the millions of users who are looking for new professional challenges on Google every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At SEO for Jobs, we believe that technology and knowledge should be available to everyone. Therefore, we handle the publication of your job posting on Google for Jobs.

This enables every company to use the full potential of millions of job search queries to Google for their own employee search.

Complete FAQ

How does this help me?

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Millions of people search for jobs on Google every day.

It would therefore be negligent not to use the reach of Google to present your job offers to potential candidates.                            

Make your job offers fit for Google for Jobs .

Why is Google for Jobs better than job boards?

Most job exchanges charge horrific fees per job posting. These are justified because the job exchanges have many thousands of visitors every day.


However, Google has millions of visitors every day and provides Google for Jobs for free. We only calculate a fair price for the preparation of your job suits for Google for Jobs .


It is therefore foreseeable that traditional job exchanges will become less relevant. Or are you still using city maps for navigation?

Does Google for Jobs cost money?

Google is a search engine and has set itself the goal of making everything searchable.Beeing listed in the index on Google does not cost any money. However, your website must be reprogrammed for this. Alternatively, you can use our service and list the job postings on your own behalf without any changes to your website. You can view the prices for this service under Prices .

How do my job postings get to Google?

The magic word here is "structured data". These are code snippets which are invisible to the user and which contain the job posting in a structured form and which comply with Google's technical specifications. Google searches websites for structured data and uses them to display them on Google for Jobs .

This is conceptually and technically complex. That is why we provide you with a comfortable editor *, which you can use to easily publish your job postings on your own behalf on Google for Jobs. The underlying algorithms and interfaces ensure that your job ads are optimally found by applicants on Google for Jobs.

* Try the editor for free here .

What if my job ads are not on my own website?

No problem. You can either save a PDF with the job posting or link to any page on your website (e.g. contact form).

Do I need to adjust my website?

No. You list the job posting through our software on your behalf at Google for Jobs. You have no setup effort.

Plans & Pricing

Monthly subscription
Annual subscription
Included features in the respective plans lead to increased visibility of your job ads on Google for Jobs
Jobs included
Job postings that can be published at the same time.
Employer profile
Achieve higher visibility with your employer profile and introduce yourself.
You receive evaluations (calls, keywords, temporal progressions, etc.) for your job advertisements on Google for Jobs and any advertisements that may have been placed.
Vicinity searchNew
Your job ads are automatically published in surrounding locations as well.

This increases the findability within your catchment area.
Title variantsNew
Alternative job titles can be manually specified for each job ad to match the candidate's search as closely as possible.

Dynamic title variations result in increased visibility for your job ads - without having to manually expand each job ad.
Automatic Import
Optional automatic import of job ads from your career site. This saves you additional maintenance effort and ensures that the job ads on your career site are always in sync with Google.

Compatible with all major HR and CRM systems: SAP Successfactors, REXX, Prescreen, Personio, Typo3, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and many more.
Premium Support
A personal contact to manage your jobs.
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