Does Google for Jobs work for job applicants?

Google for Jobs is the new largest job board in the world and now available in Danmark.

However, Google for Jobs is not a new job board as you might think. Instead, it uses a variety of algorithms to allow matching job ads to appear on the Google search page based on search queries. These can either be placed by companies through providers, such as SEO for Jobs, directly on Google for Jobs or synchronized by career and job portals.

But what exactly does Google for Jobs actually do for applicants?

What benefits does Google for Jobs bring to applicants?

When researching for the perfect job, about 75% of all applicants start at Google Search.

Therefore, Google has made it possible that according to the search query directly matching job ads are displayed in the results. The applicant can thus access many relevant job offers with only one Google search.

All advantages for applicants summarized here:

  • Time saving

  • One central location for various job ads

  • Matching job ads by evaluating search behavior

  • Link to employer rating portals

  • Limitation of job offers through filtering options

  • Use is completely free of charge

  • No registration on job portals necessary

  • Google Alert and saving of job ads possible

Applicants no longer have to click through endless job portals until they have found a suitable and compatible job advertisement. The job advertisements are displayed centrally and compactly to the applicant. The job search on the Internet can often be very tedious when it comes to finding a good job offer and suitable alternatives. With Google for Jobs, this has now come to an end. The job advertisements are displayed, according to the search words, centrally and from different providers. You no longer have to jump from job board to job board and have the most relevant jobs at the top thanks to Google's algorithm.

With the help of this algorithm Google can analyse and evaluate the search behaviour. Thus, it filters out the most suitable jobs for the particular applicant.

In addition, Google can recognize where the interests of the searcher lie through the various search queries and then even suggests job offers that were not explicitly searched for, but which could apply to the interest of the applicant.

Equally beneficial for job seekers is Google's high level of user orientation. For many of the job advertisements, it is possible to access employer rating portals directly, which already gives the applicant a detailed look at the corporate culture.

Google Jobs zeigt zu vielen Arbeitgebern Bewertungen an. Das hilft bei der Auswahl.
Google Jobs zeigt zu vielen Arbeitgebern Bewertungen an. Das hilft bei der Auswahl.

As with pretty much every Google search, there are ways to specify specific information to filter the search results. For example, you can specify the desired location, the type of job (whether full-time, part-time, internship, etc.) or desired employers. Google then selects the right job ads accordingly.

If you have a Google account, it is also possible to receive notifications (Google Alert) for new job ads and to save them.

A registration with other job portals is therefore hardly necessary anymore.

Is Google for Jobs the end of the classic job boards?

As mentioned above, more than three quarters of all job searches start on Google. With the new tool "Google for Jobs", the search engine giant gains even more popularity and pushes its competitors into the background.

Google for Jobs is proving to be an emerging leader in job advertising, but it benefits job boards. They are suppliers to Google, so to speak. By cooperating with the job boards, Google has the opportunity to synchronize job ads and thus expand the reach of Google for Jobs. Some job boards are already in cooperation with Google for Jobs. This can bring many benefits to modern recruiting and be a win-win for the platforms. In addition, there are providers, such as SEO for Jobs, where you can place your job ads for Google for Jobs if the synchronization with your own company site does not work. This puts the big job portals in a bind. The portals lose value due to the new development of Google, but can still be necessary in the optimal job search.

Conclusion: What added value does Google for Jobs have for applicants?

In summary, Google represents a significant benefit for applicants. The search for job ads is simplified, centralized and can be done without spending a lot of time. On the other hand, it is of course not possible for Google to display all available jobs on the market, which is why it would also be advisable in some cases to consult other job boards. Also to be addressed is that by synchronizing the career portals with Google for Jobs, not all information is taken over. For example, all graphics are removed and most formatting is lost. As a result, not all the important information for the candidate is always submitted. The reason for this is that the transmission usually happens completely automatically - although it would be necessary to create a Google-optimized version of the job ad. Those who rely on such optimized job ads can turn to providers, such as SEO for Jobs, who can help them to design their job ads in the best possible way. However, through algorithmic user targeting, Google ensures that the most appropriate and relevant jobs are always displayed at the top of the bar. In addition, Google for Jobs increases its attractiveness because it is completely free for applicants and can be used without any registration, neither with Google, nor with other job boards.

The search at Google for Jobs is very target-oriented and, due to the differentiated filter options, flexible for every applicant. Furthermore, looking into the future, it can be said that companies that are not represented on Google for Jobs will probably hardly be found by applicants.

Author: SEO for Jobs
Published at 09.10.2020
Modified at 06.08.2021
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