7 tips for optimizing your job ad on Google for Jobs

Your job ads are already on Google for Jobs? Congratulations, you've already cleared the first hurdle.

However, that's just the beginning. As with optimizing for regular Google search, there are many things to consider to ensure your job ad is found optimally and ranks in the top spots. Optimize your job ad with the following tips.

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1. no experiments with the job title

The job title is the entry point to your job ad. If you already know a little about Google optimization, you know how important the main headline is for content. It's a similar story with job ads on Google for Jobs. The title of a job ad is the most important criterion for searches.

It's a good idea to title the jobs in industry-standard jargon. Imagine here what a potential applicant would be looking for. So it's perfectly legitimate to title the job "MFA Dental Office," even if not everyone knows what an MFA is. But be sure the group of people for whom the ad is relevant knows what it is about. Likewise, some other important factors should be considered when formulating the job title. For example, the length of the title and how to deal with the neutral gender designation. It makes more sense not to list gender neutrality directly in the job title, as Google will not take this into account when ranking your ad. Of course, it is incredibly important to refer to the equality of all genders in the job ad, but this should be done more at the beginning of the description. There, for example, you could add the abbreviation m/f/d when you mention the job title again to emphasize gender neutrality.

Here we have listed some examples of what you should avoid in your job advertisement titles:

1. WANTED! MFA (m/f/d) in a great and family-friendly dental practice

2. MFA for a dental practice in Wedel near Hamburg

3. MFA for a dental practice with a salary of 50.000€.

The optimal wording for this job would simply be short and sweet: MFA Zahnarztpraxis. This only serves to ensure that your job can be found well by Google and thus appears to many applicants. All other information can then be presented in detail in the description.

With classic job portals such as Xing or Stepstone, people often try to score points through creativity and thus stand out from the competition. If you own a café and still need reinforcement at the counter, describe the job rather with "Barista" instead of "Coffee lover".

On Google for Jobs, however, the ranking mechanisms work differently than on indeed and co. There, you can usually buy the positioning of the jobs. At Google you have to work for it (still) through good content. Therefore, it is recommended to use the specific job title in the job title, so that the ad can be easily found by Google.

The title should be 35-50 characters long.

✓ Do not include gender neutrality in the title.

✓ For more tips on the best way to phrase your job title, check out our tool

2. think regionally

You may have already noticed that Google prefers jobs in your area. For example, if you search "project management job" on Google, you will primarily see jobs near you. Google recognizes from where job seekers start their search. Potential applicants from Hamburg will be shown different jobs than job seekers from Munich.

Consequently, it is essential to include the location in a job advertisement. If you have not entered a location in your job advertisement, your job will probably not be shown to anyone.

In general, the more precise the location, the better. Ideally, you should include the complete address.

Google for Jobs shows job listings in the area.
Google for Jobs shows job listings in the area.

However, if the job you want to fill is also mastered from the <a href="https://www.seo-for-jobs.com/qa/resources/the-home-office-feature-on-google-for-jobs" title="The "Home Office" feature on Google for Jobs">home office</a>, you can of course specify that instead of a specific location. </p><h2>3. One location per job ad</h2><p>As described above, regional consideration is very important. If your company has jobs to fill in multiple locations, you should also post them separately. So, for example, you are looking for an "SEO expert" in Berlin and Düsseldorf, then it is recommended to set the job ad once with the location "Berlin" and once with the location "Düsseldorf" - even if all other content is identical. </p><h2>4. salary: transparency pays off</h2><p>When Google for Jobs was introduced, a small outcry went through the personnel world, because Google demanded more transparency in salaries and has built this firmly into Google's new job portal with. There it is possible to directly indicate how much salary is expected for the advertised position. What is completely normal in other countries, is in <keep>United States of America</keep> rather a taboo subject. Still, it can pay to be <strong>transparent</strong> about salaries. </p><p>If you include the salary when placing a job ad on Google, it will be displayed directly in the list view and in the detailed view of a job. On the one hand, this is interesting for applicants and on the other hand, it is also <strong>rewarded</strong> by the Google algorithm.</p><h2>5. Formatting the job description</h2><p>After the previous tips have paid primarily on the Google SEO optimization with the goal of improving the ranking, it is now about making the job ad interesting for candidates. </p><p>Admittedly, the options for <a href="https://www.seo-for-jobs.com/qa/resources/how-do-i-formulate-the-perfect-job-advertisement" title="How do I formulate the perfect job ad?">formulating job ads</a> are rather limited on Google for Jobs. This is mainly to enable comparability of job ads, in which all job ads are standardized in terms of presentation. For formatting are only available:</p><ul><li><p>paragraphs</p></li><li><p>enumerations</p></li></ul><p>In some providers, the job ads for Google for Jobs are automatically generated and set. As a result, jobs are often not formatted properly or contain text blocks that don't really belong in the job ad.</p><p>Therefore, you should use the few resources available to make your job ad readable and clear for prospective candidates.</p><h2>6. All important information belongs in the job description</h2><p>Google's job portal already displays a lot of information to job seekers without requiring them to leave the job board. While there is the option by clicking on the "Apply for: ..." button to be redirected to the original website, but in reality this only happens when a candidate has decided to apply for the job and not to look at more information about the job.</p><p>This is why it is very important to include all relevant information in the job description. These are:</p><ul><li><p>Short info about the company</p></li><li><p>Description of the duties</p></li><li><p>Requirements from the applicant</p></li><li><p>Benefits</p></li><li><p>Contact person with email address and phone number</p></li></ul><h2>7. Logo inclusion</h2><p>The only way to include an image on Google for Jobs is in the form of the logo. This is shown in the list view as well as in the detail view.</p><p>The optimal format of the logo is square. Although logos are also displayed in other formats, this wastes valuable space, as the logo is simply scaled down until it fits into the square space provided.</p><p>Since the logos on Google's job board are only displayed very small anyway (56 pixels x 56 pixels in the list view and 40 pixels x 40 pixels in the detail view), you should make the most of the precious space with an optimized logo if possible. For very fine and detailed logos it is advisable to use a simplified form of the logo. For example, you can use the logo that is also used as a favicon on the website.</p><div class="cf-image"> <picture> <source srcset="//images.ctfassets.net/1zj14eo2638a/3ofgVNFzfCTtY5zgzz4ZLD/7d161f813c41c61fc662c3b8a08321b4/02_logo_marked-en.png?w=800&h=800&fm=webp&q=80" type="image/webp"> <source srcset="//images.ctfassets.net/1zj14eo2638a/3ofgVNFzfCTtY5zgzz4ZLD/7d161f813c41c61fc662c3b8a08321b4/02_logo_marked-en.png?w=800&h=800" type="image/jpeg"> <img src="//images.ctfassets.net/1zj14eo2638a/3ofgVNFzfCTtY5zgzz4ZLD/7d161f813c41c61fc662c3b8a08321b4/02_logo_marked-en.png?w=800&h=800" title="Google for Jobs Logo" alt="Google for Jobs allows you to store a custom logo. Due to the small size, we recommend using the favicon, for example." loading="lazy" data-original-width="2304" data-original-height="1588"/> </picture> <div class="cf-description"> An individual logo can be stored at Google for Jobs. Due to the small size, it is recommended to use the favicon, for example. </div> </div><p>If no logo is stored, a placeholder is automatically generated, which is composed of a random background color and the first letter of the company.</p><h2>Summary: Optimize job offer for Google for Jobs<strong> </strong></h2><p>To optimize a job offer for Google for Jobs, there are many things to consider, because you have to make optimizations for the Google algorithm, as well as for job seekers. We've prepared a <a href="https://www.seo-for-jobs.com/qa/resources/sample-of-an-optimal-job-advertisement" title="Sample Optimal Job Ad">Sample Optimal Job Ad</a> for this purpose.</p><p>But what all approaches to optimization have in common is that you need to have full control over your job ads on Google for Jobs in order to make optimizations at all. </p><p>This is exactly what SEO for Jobs offers with its intuitive user interface. <a href="https://app.seo-for-jobs.com/jobs" title="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><u>Try it out right now and gain full control over your postings on Google for Jobs</u></a>.</p>

Author: SEO for Jobs
Published at 17.02.2020
Modified at 06.08.2021
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