Where is the information displayed in the job ad on Google for Jobs?

1. how exactly does the job ad look like when it appears on Google for Jobs?

2. how do I know where which information is placed and what is the best format accordingly?

These are questions you are asking yourself?

Then feel free to take a closer look at the following article. Here we have compared the editing tool of SEO for Jobs with the subsequent result on Google for Jobs and show exactly where the deposited information is placed.

The numbers show where which information deposited in SEO for Jobs is found in Google for Jobs.
The numbers show where which information deposited in SEO for Jobs is found in Google for Jobs.


What is inserted in the Title field at SEO for Jobs appears in large font above the job ad and represents the headline. In order for this to be an immediate eye-catcher, the title should be kept as short and concise as possible. Otherwise, it can also happen that the title is cut off in the preview window and is no longer fully readable for the applicant.


The information you enter in your SEO for Jobs account under "Description" constitutes the entire body of the job ad. All information is submitted and published identically. With SEO for Jobs you simply scroll down until the text is finished, however, it is the case with Google that from a certain length, the description is cut off and then comes a button with "Learn more".


Directly below the description, in the first block, there is a small box labeled "Employment" in your account. There you check off what type of employment it is. This is displayed on Google for Jobs directly above the description. What is difficult here is that the box provided is very small and if you select multiple employment options, only the first employment selected will be visible in the Google for Jobs window.


In the company field, fill in your company name, so that applicants can see which company they are applying to. Likewise you can deposit your company logo, in order to achieve a better recognition value, since the logo is always emitted with. Both are listed directly under the job title.


The location you submit to SEO for Jobs is displayed at the top of the job ad, next to the logo and company name under the title. Again, it is better if only one location is specified.


The penultimate section that is editable in the SEO tool is the salary information in the job ad. This, if filled in, is also displayed above the description next to the employment. Here you can select whether the advertised salary is hourly, monthly or annual. This is also displayed accurately on Google.


In the last field "Application" you choose by which method the applicants can contact you. Either through a PDF form, an email or your website. Then, when the blue button at Google for Jobs is clicked, the applicant will be redirected as desired. You can also manually determine the label under "Button label". The blue field is clearly visible right between the title and description.


Due to the structure of the job ad on Google for Jobs, the most important information is revealed directly and it is not necessary to read through the entire description first. However, in order to present the information as concisely as possible, the fields are very small and, for example, only one type of employment is displayed in the header. Except for these optimization options, you can see here that all the information that is stored in the SEO for Jobs account also appears in Google for Jobs.

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