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With SEO for Jobs, you list your job ads on Google for Jobs. To help you get the most out of your job ads, we provide you with a variety of features related to your Google job posting.

From a simple editor to reporting, everything is included to help you shine on Google for Jobs.

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Online application

SEO for Jobs is a completely browser-based application. That means to use SEO for Jobs you only need an internet browser and internet access. An installation of software on your computer is not necessary. Of course, your data is secured with us using the latest technologies.

So you can get started right away and post your job ads on Google for Jobs yourself.

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Text Editor

In our editor, which is specially adapted to Google for Jobs, you can formulate and format your job advertisements.

We only provide you with the functionalities that are supported by Google for Jobs - so you are always on the safe side and surprises with the formatting in Google for Jobs are a thing of the past.

Logo at Google for Jobs

The most important option for customization on Google for Jobs is the company logo. With SEO for Jobs you can upload your own logo. We will then make sure that the logo is displayed with your job ad. Also different logos at different job ads are no problem.

Full control

Google for Jobs can process certain information and display it. This is for example the job title and description, but also information about the location, the company and the salary.

With SEO for Jobs, you can edit all this information yourself and thus have full control over what is displayed on Google for Jobs. This is the only way to consistently optimize your job ads on Google for Jobs.

Employer Branding

An important feature of SEO for Jobs is that it is completely transparent. All job ads you place with SEO for Jobs are in your employer branding. This means that the complete job advertisement appears in the name of your company. At no point is it apparent that you are using SEO for Jobs to publish and manage it.

Another component of your Employer Branding strategy can be the free employer profile on Google for Jobs.

More about the employer profile

Flexible application options

Normally, Google for Jobs only supports the link to your own website for the"Apply to" button (also called Apply Button). With SEO for Jobs, you determine how candidates can apply to your job ad. Whether by email, forwarding to an application form or via your applicant management system - you have the free choice.

More about the application possibilities

Manage your job ads

No matter if one or a hundred jobs - with SEO for Jobs you keep an overview of your job ads. The list view but also the copy and search function facilitate the daily work enormously. The draft mode is especially interesting: There you can create and prepare as many job ads as you like, in order to place them later.

Autom. import

Google for Jobs is often used as an optimal addition to the recruiting mix. Especially for larger companies it is essential to be present on all platforms. Then it can become a challenge to keep the job ads up to date on all platforms. For this purpose, we offer a job crawler individually set up for your company - so your jobs are automatically placed, updated or deactivated. Since we focus on the quality of the job ads, all crawled jobs go through a manual quality assurance process to ensure optimal formatting.

In the Business and Enterprise plans, the Autom. import can be booked directly in addition - for smaller plans, please contact us.

More about the Job Crawler

Keyword Analysis

If you have already taken a closer look at Google, you know how important keywords are. In our Analytics Dashboard you can see the most important keywords for your jobs. Use them to optimize your job ads and position yourself better than the competition.

Evaluation and reporting

In today's world, tracking forms the basis for continuous improvement and is indispensable. That's why you can find information about the performance of your job ads in our dashboard. In addition, SEO for Jobs is already preconfigured so that you can also evaluate clicks and leads in your own Google Analytics account.

More about evaluations and reporting

Personal recommendations

To achieve the optimal listing of your job ads, it takes many small steps and active monitoring of performance on Google for Jobs.

So that you don't have to worry about possible improvements, we provide you with various recommendations in your account.

More about the personal recommendations

Activate optional advertising

With SEO for Jobs, job ads can now also be placed as advertisements in Google Search. Placing advertisements increases the reach and visibility of job ads among potential applicants. Therefore, you can now place your ads under the "Advertising" window.

More about the "Ad Boost" feature

Online plan management

The demand for qualified employees is constantly changing. We at SEO for Jobs offer you the possibility to flexibly adjust your plan depending on the situation. Whether upgrading or downgrading or adding individual job ad spaces - you can make all changes conveniently via your online account.

Our plans

Help and support

For many, Google for Jobs is still new territory, but even experienced users sometimes need support. Of course, we won't leave you to fend for yourself, and we're here to help if you need it. Check out our Help & Support section for answers to frequently asked questions. But we're also here for you personally - you can reach us by email or phone at: +44 20 4571 7688

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