Everything at a glance: The comprehensive guide to Google for Jobs

In this detailed article, we will dive deep into the world of Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs and how does it work?

"Google is committed to cracking the code to match available jobs with the right candidates, " said CEO Sundar Pichai during his keynote speech at Google's annual I/O conference for software developers.

With these words, he summarized the mission of Google for Jobs, an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the job search.

Google for Jobs was developed by Google to connect job seekers and employers in a smart and effective way. The platform is currently available in various countries, including Germany since 2019.

According to Google, over 1.5 billion people worldwide used Google for Jobs to search for a new job in 2022. This corresponds to around a quarter of the global working-age population.

Google for Jobs aims to make job searches more efficient and user-friendly. Tired of endlessly scrolling through hundreds of job ads? The platform offers a range of functions that make life easier for users. Using Google for Jobs is straightforward and intuitive for jobseekers. No prior knowledge or registration is required.

Google for Jobs is not just a search engine for job vacancies, but has developed into a central point of contact for job seekers and employers .

For employers, this means an excellent opportunity to communicate vacancies directly to potential qualified applicants.

In this article, we'll look at everything from basic functionality to advanced recruiting strategies to ensure you get the most out of Google for Jobs.

How do I get on Google for Jobs?

Just a few steps to get there

1. open your favorite web browser.

2. type "nearby jobs" in the search bar and press the "Enter" key.

3. the Google for Jobs search results will be displayed. You can also go directly to "Google for Jobs" from the Google search page.

4. search the available job advertisements according to relevant criteria such as position, location and company.

Google Jobs Search is integrated into the normal Google search function. The results are usually displayed before all organic search results. This means that Google for Jobs is very prominent and cannot be overlooked.

Google only shows a small selection of three job advertisements on the search results page. Clicking on "Job advertisements" opens a new view that unfolds the full potential of Google's job search.

How does Google for Jobs work?

Google analyzes all search queries and recognizes the searcher 's search intention. If the algorithm recognizes that it is a job search, the job offers are displayed on the search results page.

Google for Jobs works by crawling websites and ads to display relevant job listings on the Google search platform. Here are the basic steps of the process:

  • Google for Jobs Crawler: Google continuously crawls the internet for new and updated job listings. This is done using specialized algorithms and bots that crawl websites for relevant job information.

  • Indexing the information: The information collected is stored in an index that contains relevant details about the job listings, such as job title, location, requirements and publication date.

  • Display in search results: When a user performs a job search on Google, the relevant search results are presented on the Google for Jobs platform.

Recruiting with Google for Jobs

And that brings us to the topic of recruiting and how Google for Jobs affects the recruiting process. Recruitment can be time consuming and costly, but with Google for Jobs you can make the process more efficient and cost-effective. This platform offers companies numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility:

The integration of Google for Jobs with Google search significantly increases the visibility of job vacancies.

  • Efficient application process:

Google for Jobs makes it easier for applicants to find suitable jobs, resulting in qualified applications.

  • Targeted candidate search:

By using relevant keywords in the job ad, companies can successfully target qualified applicants who are specifically searching for job openings with the relevant keywords.

  • Precise matching through in-depth understanding of applicants:

Google enables a more accurate understanding of applicants by analyzing their search queries and preferences in detail. This enables more precise matching between job offers and applicants.

Google for Jobs for small businesses

  • Stateal search: Google for Jobs allows companies to target their job ads to specific regions, which is particularly important for small businesses with a local focus.

  • All jobs have the same chance: On Google for Jobs, all job ads have the same chance of being found, regardless of company size. This means that small companies can attract just as much attention with their job ads as large companies.

  • Using Google for Jobs can reduce reliance on expensive job portals. The platform offers a cost-effective way to present their job offers to a large target group.

  • Small businesses benefit from the modern and user-friendly presentation of their job ads on Google for Jobs.

Use of Google for Jobs in medium-sized companies and corporations

  • Extended reach: Google for Jobs enables large and medium-sized companies to present their job ads to a larger target group, as they can filter for other factors such as industries and professional experience in addition to regional searches.

  • Efficient application management: Google for Jobs' automated tools enable efficient application management, including automated application capture, filtering by criteria and interview scheduling.

  • Talent search for global talent: Google for Jobs allows companies to post their job ads internationally to find qualified talent from around the world.

  • The advanced filtering and search features help applicants find relevant jobs faster, which can increase the quality of applications.


Google for Jobs also has some disadvantages, including

  • High competition: this is a popular platform where many companies post their job ads. This means that companies have a lot of competition for their job ads to be seen.

  • The reliance on Google's algorithms means that companies have little control over the placement of their ads - more specifically, they need to be optimized specifically for Google (in terms of content).

  • With a large number of job ads, keeping track of and controlling what is published on Google for Jobs can be challenging.

  • Setting up Google for Jobs yourself usually requires customization and programming on your website.

  • Leading job boards such as Monster, Xing, LinkedIn and Stepstone have expressed their concerns about the dominant position of Google for Jobs in a letter to the EU Commissioner for Competition. They expressed concerns that Google for Jobs' market power could significantly restrict competition in the online job placement sector if no action is taken by competition or regulatory authorities to control the roll-out of Google's strategy. [Source: Wikipedia]

But fortunately there is a clever alternative. We at SEO for Jobs have specialized in this topic since the launch of Google for Jobs and have developed a service that makes it easy to publish job ads on Google for Jobs without any website adjustments.

You don't need any programming skills - we optimize your job ads for maximum visibility and ensure that the right candidates are attracted to your advertised positions.

Find out more about our services for small, medium and large companies here.

How do my jobs get on Google for Jobs

There are three ways to help your dream candidates find your job ad on Google for Jobs:

Option 1: When you post on job boards

You can post your job ads on a job board such as Stepstone, Indeed or Monster that cooperates with Google for Jobs. You can find a list of job boards on the Google website. Google for Jobs crawls these job boards regularly and lists the job offers in its results.


  • Hidden link: Applicants end up on the job board, not on your careers page.

  • Additional costs: Depending on the job board, there may be high costs for placing job advertisements.

It is often cheaper to publish and manage job ads directly on Google for Jobs than on traditional job boards. This is because there are no fees for posting or editing job ads, whereas many job boards charge high fees. This means potentially significant savings, especially when hiring in bulk.

Furthermore, Google for Jobs has a wider reach than most job boards, so your job ads are more likely to be seen by qualified candidates who will then land on your careers page.

Option 2: Direct posting via your own careers site

The second option would be to create a job description directly in Google for Jobs. You can create your job ads using structured data. This data contains information such as the title of the job, the requirements and the location. Google for Jobs can use this data to find and categorize your job ads in its results.

Your vacancies will appear directly in Google search results, there are no fees for posting or editing job ads and applicants will land directly on your website. At the end of this article you will find detailed instructions on how to set up Google for Jobs yourself.


  • Technical connection: You have to connect your website to Google for Jobs.

  • Personal initiative: You have to take care of the integration and optimization of your job ads yourself, which can be a challenge without technical know-how.

Many companies use an applicant management system, which is also used to maintain the career portal on the company's website.

SEO for Jobs is the ideal complement to your applicant management system to publish your job advertisements directly and automatically on Google for Jobs.

Option 3: Via specialized service providers such as SEO for Jobs

Maintaining and optimizing job ads for Google for Jobs requires continuous attention and resources.

To be listed on Google Jobs, job ads must meet certain criteria. These are based on structured data that must be made available to Google. Even if the basic requirements are met, there are still many factors that can influence the optimal presentation of the job ad.

SEO for Jobs offers you the technical know-how needed to optimize your job ads correctly for Google for Jobs. We also continuously monitor the entire process and adapt the job advertisements to current developments.

Common problems:

  • Outdated job advertisements: Filled positions can still be found, new job postings are missing.

  • Missing or inadequate logo: The logo is not available or not optimized for the small display.

  • Missing information: Important information such as address, type of employment or salary is missing.

  • Poor formatting: The job advertisement is unclear and difficult to read.

  • Incorrect linking: The job advertisement is not correctly linked to the company's website.

  • Inappropriate labeling of the "Apply button": The labeling is not clear and unambiguous.

Technical challenges:

Optimizing job ads for Google Jobs usually requires extensive technical interventions in the applicant management system(BMS). This is often associated with high costs, especially if the BMS is operated by an external service provider.


With our tool, you can make your BMS fit for Google Jobs without having to make any changes to the website.


  • Quick and easy integration

  • No programming knowledge required

  • Automatic updating of job advertisements

  • Improved visibility on Google Jobs

  • Increase in the number of applicants

SEO for Jobs takes care of the technical integration of Google for Jobs and supports you in optimizing your job ads so that you reach the right candidates.

How do I get to the top positions?

To optimize a job ad for Google for Jobs, there are a few things to consider, as you need to optimize for both the Google algorithm and job seekers.

Here are 7 tips that can help you successfully post your job ads on Google for Jobs:

1. use clear, concise job titles and avoid internal terms

The title of a job ad is the most important search criterion.

In order to stand out from the competition on traditional job portals such as Xing or Stepstone, many companies rely on creative job advertisements. If you are looking for counter support for your café, it is better to call the position "barista" rather than "coffee lover" in order to reach qualified applicants.

However, the ranking mechanisms work differently on Google for Jobs than on the job boards. Google's ranking is based on the quality of the content. To increase the visibility of your ad, it is therefore important to use the specific job title in the job title. This makes it easier for Google to find and match the ad.

  • The title should be 35-50 characters long

  • Do not include gender neutrality in the title

  • You can find more tips on how to optimally formulate your job title in our tool

2. SEO optimization for job ads

  • Identify relevant keywords and distribute them naturally in your job advertisements (title, descriptions, tasks). Use long-tail keywords for more precision.

  • Example: Instead of "marketing manager", use "online marketing manager for e-commerce startup".

3. make sure the descriptions are complete and include important information such as location, requirements and benefits

You may have noticed that when you search for jobs on Google, you will usually see jobs in your area first. If you live in Hamburg and search for a "project management job" on Google, you will usually be shown jobs in Hamburg and the surrounding area first.

Google recognizes the location from which you start the search and prioritizes the search results accordingly. This ensures that you see the job offers that are most relevant to you.

What does this mean for you as an employer?

If you want to advertise jobs in a specific region, you should take this into account when creating your job ad. Here are some tips:

  • Use the location in the job title and in the job description.

  • Include the address of the workplace.

  • Choose relevant keywords that relate to the location.

However, if the job to be filled can also be done from a home office, you can of course specify this instead of a specific location.

4. one location per job advertisement

As already mentioned, the regional focus of your job advertisements plays an important role. If your company has vacancies at several locations, you should advertise them separately. If you are looking for an "SEO expert" in Berlin and Munich, create two separate job advertisements: one for Berlin and one for Munich.

5. pay attention to personal branding.

It makes you a trustworthy employer and sets you apart from the competition.

Personalbranding helps to increase the attractiveness of the job advertisement and at the same time improve visibility in the search engine.

Strong personal branding also shows potential applicants that you are a reputable company that is committed to creating a positive work environment.

Example: In the job ad, you should clearly communicate the company culture and values and provide insight into the work environment, team and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Use the job advertisement to strengthen the employer brand and show potential applicants why they should work for your company.

6. salary transparency: a win-win for everyone

The introduction of Google for Jobs triggered mixed reactions in the HR world. The demand for more salary transparency met with resistance in some cases, as this is a taboo subject in Germany.

Google for Jobs requires the salary to be stated in job advertisements. This is common practice in other countries, it signals fairness and appreciation towards potential applicants and is rated positively by the Google algorithm.

7. add an appealing logo

Make sure your logo in Google for Jobs looks professional and appealing. Use a square logo (minimum 200 x 200 pixels and maximum 800 x 800 pixels). Other formats will be displayed, but valuable space will be lost. Ensure good recognizability in the small size. Without a logo, a placeholder with a random color and the first letter of your company name will be generated. Choose a simple, clear logo with a high recognition value. Use high-contrast colors to improve readability.

With an optimized logo, you can increase the visibility of your job ads in Google for Jobs and make a professional impression on potential applicants.

We have prepared a sample for the optimal job advertis ement.

How do I achieve a higher ranking for my job ads in Google search results?

Can I create an effective Google Ads campaign?

You can push your job ads on Google for Jobs. You can use Google Ads to do this. Google Ads allows you to place your job ads in the top search results of Google for Jobs. However, this leads to additional costs.

If you are looking for another way to promote your job ads and reach more qualified applicants, you should definitely consider Google for Jobs ads. You can find more information about Google Ads here.

Frequently asked questions about Google for Jobs

What does Google for Jobs cost?

The question "Does Google for Jobs cost anything?" is quite relevant for companies that want to publish their job vacancies on this platform. Google for Jobs is a free service. Companies can place their job ads on the platform at no direct cost. As mentioned above, optimizing your job ads for Google for Jobs is crucial to maximize the visibility and reach of your ads.

Google for Jobs and the WordPress plugin.

There are a number of plugins for WordPress that make it easier to create and publish job ads for Google for Jobs. These plugins often offer additional features, such as the ability to promote or manage job ads.

You can simply add your job ads to your WordPress website and Google for Jobs will automatically index them and display them in the search results. Here you can find out in detail how WordPress and Google for Jobs can be used in combination.

Can I use Google for Jobs without my own website?

Normally it is a prerequisite that the job offer is published on a website. With the SEO for Jobs solution, however, it is also possible to use a PDF with the job advertisement, for example. You then do not need your own website.

It is still an advantage to have your own careers page on your website to present comprehensive information about your company and other vacancies.

Does my website need to be customized for Google for Jobs?

If you want to implement Google for Jobs yourself, it is necessary to adapt and reprogram your website.

But there is also an alternative: use external services such as SEO for Jobs.

SEO for Jobs has been working intensively on this topic since the introduction of Google for Jobs and has developed a service that makes it very easy to publish job advertisements on Google for Jobs without having to make any changes to your website .

To what extent are the job ads on the careers site synchronized with the information in Google for Jobs?

Manually updating your job ads on all relevant platforms can be time-consuming and tedious. With our customized job crawler, we relieve you of this task - so your jobs are automatically placed, updated or deactivated. As the quality of the job ads is our top priority, all crawled jobs undergo a manual quality assurance process to ensure optimal formatting.

In the Business and Enterprise plans, the automatic import can be booked directly - for smaller plans, please contact us.

Instructions: Set up Google for Jobs step by step

Understanding Google for Jobs: The job search as an extension of Google Search

To use Google for Jobs effectively, it is important to understand how it works. At its core, is an extension of the classic Google search. This means: familiar search function and integration into Google Search.

The job search on Google for Jobs works in a similar way to searching for other content. You simply enter relevant keywords such as job title, industry or location and receive a list of results. Job offers are integrated directly into the search results on Google. This allows you to find suitable jobs seamlessly during your regular search.

Do you want to avoid job boards and publish your job advertisement directly on your website? Then indexing by Google is essential.

How indexing works and more: We will guide you step by step through the entire process of setting up Google for Jobs. You can find detailed information in our article.

SEO for Jobs: your partner for sustainable recruiting success

In the complex world of Google for Jobs optimization, we at SEO for Jobs slip into our specialist role, deciphering the complexities so you can focus on what you do best - finding the right talent.

As specialists in Google for Jobs optimization, we at SEO for Jobs understand the complex dynamics of this platform. Our state-of-the-art software ensures flawless results without disrupting your existing system and seamlessly complements your current candidate management.

SEO for Jobs operates unobtrusively in the background, acting as an automated intermediary between your career portal and Google for Jobs. With direct interfaces to Google and the expertise of thousands of successfully listed positions, we are the leading German provider that enables manual job advertisements on Google for Jobs without the need for structured data. On this page you can see more about the functions we can offer you.

Managing job ads on multiple platforms can be a challenge, but don't worry. Our customized job crawler automatically posts, updates or deactivates jobs to ensure they stay current. Adhering to the highest standards, each crawled position goes through a thorough manual quality assurance process to ensure optimal formatting.

Discover the solutions that best suit your needs by visiting our pricing page and choosing the right plan for you.

Optimize your recruiting strategy with SEO for Jobs - your trusted partner for small, medium and large companies. We empower you to unleash the full potential of Google for Jobs and keep you up to date with the latest developments in the recruitment industry.

Author: SEO for Jobs
Published at 07.02.2024
Modified at 03.06.2024
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