How do I formulate the perfect job ad?

Your job ads are now visible on Google for Jobs, but you're not getting the response you want? This could probably be because your job ads are missing some important information or they are pland incorrectly.

In the following article, you will therefore find help on how to write the optimal job ad and which information is particularly important for job seekers. To supplement this, we have also written a sample for the optimal job advertisement.

When writing a job advertisement, the most important thing is to present the information in detail and as compactly as possible.

If there are only a few key points in the description, the applicant will not receive enough information and if it is too long, it often appears confusing and opaque.

Of course, this can be prevented with the right know-how.

7 important factors for the structure of a job advertisement

  • Suitable job title

  • Interesting introduction

  • Information about the employer

  • Concrete job description and requirements profile

  • Benefits for the applicant

  • Red thread

  • Conclusion

1. suitable job title

The first thing you should consider when formulating the perfect job advertisement is the correct and clear job title. This should be the headline of the advertisement. There should be no confusion when reading the job title and should be a direct answer to the question, "What job is this about?"

2. interesting opening

What is equally important in formulating a good job ad is the greeting and the introduction. The very first line should capture the reader's attention. This can be achieved by addressing the applicant directly, giving an attractive insight into the company or providing a preview of the benefits to the employee right at the start.

This increases the likelihood that the attention will be retained and the offer will continue to be pursued.

3. information about the employer

After the introduction, there should be a brief overview of the company. This could include information about it such as:

  • Size of the company

  • What product or service is provided

  • Details of the company culture and organisation

  • USP (Unique Selling Point)

Job advertisements not only provide information for employees, but are also a good marketing platform for companies. The more descriptive and conscientious a job advertisement is formulated, the more attractive and valuable the employer appears.

4. concrete job description and requirement profile

Even if the job description is the same, many companies differ in their requirements profile for the employee. Therefore, it is important to include concrete job descriptions in the advertisement and to show the applicant which specific requirements are expected of him. For each required skill there should also be a small justification, so that nothing meaningful or very general skills, such as punctuality, are avoided. Apart from the hard skills, the soft skills on which the company attaches great importance should also be included in the advertisement. In the meantime, every company has developed its own culture and should communicate this transparently to the outside world. This serves on the one hand the applicant, who has the chance to see if he can identify with the company, and on the other hand the company, because it receives more applicants by presenting a lot of information.

5. benefits for the employee

In addition, the benefits and advantages for the employee should also be picked up in the job advertisement. It is important that the applicant gets a glimpse of what the company offers him so that he can compare this with his own ideas.

Important. Only the promises that can be kept should be made.

6. red thread

Also very important is the structure of the job offer. The order can be freely determined, but a red thread should be recognizable. It should also be ensured that the information is summarised under the respective sub-headings and not just listed randomly one after the other. It is advisable to divide the advertisement into clear paragraphs with headings so that the applicant gets a clear impression of the job offer.

7. conclusion

At the end of a job advertisement, the applicant should be addressed directly again, if this has not already happened before. Concluding positive sentences, such as "We hope we were able to inspire you for our company and are looking forward to your application", increase the attention at the end once again and indirectly direct a positive appeal to the applicant to submit his application.

Mit einem positiven und aufmerksamen Schlusssatz an einer Stellenanzeige wird die Aufmerksamkeit des Bewerbers gehalten
Mit einem positiven und aufmerksamen Schlusssatz an einer Stellenanzeige wird die Aufmerksamkeit des Bewerbers gehalten

To reinforce this appeal, it is a good idea to provide a direct contact person or to integrate a link that leads to your own career page.

Conclusion: The perfect job ad

As mentioned above, the perfect job ad is composed of the right information and the appropriate structure. Thus, a perfect job ad is the first step in getting applicants interested in your company.

You now know what it takes to look attractive to employees, but are not yet listed on Google for Jobs?

Then place your job ads at SEO for Jobs now!

Author: SEO for Jobs
Published at 10.11.2020
Modified at 06.08.2021
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