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In order to optimally improve your job ads and their listing on Google for Jobs, our Analytics Dashboard offers you the possibility to get a permanent overview of your performance.

Information on clicks, leads, keywords and other helpful evaluations allow you the ultimate tracking of your job ads.

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Everything at a glance

In order to keep up with the competition and at the same time get more out of Google for Jobs, your SEO for Jobs account allows a permanent and helpful analysis of already collected data regarding your job ads.

From search terms to calls in other countries, interesting details about your account are made available to you and clearly summarized. No more tedious monitoring of your account, just a simple click and everything is immediately in view!

Therefore, keep an eye on your dashboard from time to time - especially search terms are relevant to make your job ads more visible for applicants. If keywords and job titles match, the probability that your job ad will be noticed immediately increases.

Reach in the form of impressions and positioning

The performance of job ads depends primarily on the current demand for the advertised job - a factor that cannot be influenced. What can be influenced, however, is the presentation of your job ad on Google for Jobs, which also contributes to the extent to which your ad reaches job seekers.

It is important to see how many views your job ads have had so far and at what average position in the Google for Jobs ranking your jobs have been listed. This information will show you if any changes need to be made, but also what progress has been made through optimizations that have already been completed.

You can see successes in the ranking when the number at the position is very low or simply when the top of the graph is positioned higher up. However, do not be irritated by occasional fluctuations, as the position often depends on the current algorithm.

In terms of views, unlike ranking, a higher number is better. The number of views can also be increased by placing additional advertisements.

Keywords as the key to success

Not all job ads advertising the same job use the same title. The same is true for applicants looking for the same job but choosing alternative titles. Therefore, choosing the perfect job title is not always easy.

To help you know which search terms are frequently used to discover your job ad, a keyword analysis is displayed in your dashboard. Relevant search terms at the top allow you to put yourself in the shoes of applicants and show new alternatives to optimize your existing titles. You can also use our optimization tips. There you will find everything you need to know about choosing a job title!

Are you a business or enterprise customer? In addition, use the keyword analysis to find out meaningful title variants for your job advertisements.

Thebetter the chosen titles match the search terms of the job seekers, the more likely your job ad will be further up in the Google for Jobs ranking.

Have we piqued your interest? Simply upgrade your plan in your SEO for Jobs account and start using title variations today!

Participating in the Google for Jobs competition - how is my performance?

Due to the ever-growing scope of Google for Jobs, it is not uncommon for similar companies to compete for new applicants on the job market. Listing, in particular, plays an important role here in standing out among the multitude of companies to job seekers.

In addition to information on the reach of your job ads, the dashboard therefore also shows how well your company performs in contrast to similar companies with the published job ads.

On a scale from 0 to 100%, our system uses collected data to evaluate your current performance. Your growth potential can also be identified by the colors of the scale. The following applies: Green for "Everything in the green zone" and red for "Attention! Need for optimization!" Avoid the red zone by always keeping an eye on your personal recommendations.

Electronic devices

For better reach, in addition to keyword analysis, it also helps to find out how the desired target audience behaves when searching for jobs. The search terms already mentioned can give an indication of the electronic devices used. Shorter search terms are more likely to indicate the use of a smartphone, with more precisely worded search terms pointing to the use of a computer.

The conundrum of which electronic device job ads are most likely to be matched to can also be solved quite easily without much thought. Our system shows you the distribution of the views of your job ads on smartphone, tablet and computer in percentages. Thus, adjust your ads specifically to the desired target group.

Worldwide reach

Typically, the best place to reach job seekers is in your area and surrounding towns. However, it is always possible that people outside of your area will become aware of your ads. With a targeted search, you can display job ads from all over the world , even if they are only published locally.

You can check where and how often your job ads were called up in the overview under the item "Countries". Take a look at the world map or the numbers to the right.


The evaluation and reporting function in your SEO for Jobs account makes it easy for you to check the performance of your job ads and shows how you can better present your company.

Both the influence of optimizations and the use of the automatic import function in the dashboard show positive results.

Check your dashboard regularly and use the information to continuously improve your recruiting campaign on Google for Jobs!

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