Personal recommendations

Based on your job advertisements and your employer profile, personal recommendations are compiled for you in your account in order to optimally adapt your account for Google for Jobs.

Use these recommendations to get to the top of the Google for Jobs ranking as quickly and easily as possible, and at the same time to attract more applicants.

My SEO for Jobs Account

Where can I find my personal recommendations?

Your personal recommendations can be accessed at any time in your SEO for Jobs account - simply log in to your account. On the welcome page you will find a window with the heading "Recommendations". If you then select this, you will be provided with different recommendations for your account.

The recommendations at a glance

  • Recommendations regarding settings

  • Recommendations regarding texts & content

  • Recommendations regarding your account

In your account you can find various personal recommendations regarding one of these categories. In order to better understand these recommendations and to be able to implement them correctly, the individual categories are described in more detail below.

Recommendations regarding your settings

As mentioned in the title, these are recommendations to be made in the settings. Here, recommendations related to features, setup, etc. can be displayed.

Common recommendations

  • Verify website

  • Arrange a consultation

  • Optimize older job ads

It is worth following up on these recommendations, as they can help you achieve optimal results on Google for Jobs. In most cases, action is required on your current settings to mark your job ads as reputable and important on Google.

In addition, this also guarantees a faster process when publishing your job ads on Google for Jobs, as Google can better rank your job ads. For example, website verification confirms the ownership of your job ads. This makes it clear that the ads are genuine and therefore there is no danger for potential applicants.

Text & Content Recommendations

These recommendations point out possible improvements to your company and job posting information.

Frequent recommendations

  • Optimize title

  • Optimize job descriptions

  • Complete your employer profile

You can find suggestions for optimization in our 7 tips for optimization, but also under your titles and job descriptions. The small gray arrows point out important details that still need to be taken care of in order to optimally adapt your job ads to Google for Jobs.

Overall, recommendations regarding texts & content in your account are necessary to achieve a better listing on Google for Jobs and at the same time also make your company more attractive to applicants as an employer.

In order to publish your job ads quickly on Google for Jobs, optimizations are the be-all and end-all, because complete and correct information makes it easier for Google to make your job ads visible to interested parties.

Recommendations about your account

Recommendations regarding your account and payments allow you to easily use your SEO for Jobs account and point out potential changes to your account that will decrease work or costs.

Frequent recommendations

  • Aut. payment methods use

  • Use title variants and radius search (for affected plans)

  • Switch to annual plan

All of the above suggestions about your account are helpful in getting the most out of your booked plan. At the same time, the recommendations rarely affect the listing of your job ads, but are mostly useful to get extra efforts, such as manually transferring invoices, out of the way!

Conclusion of the various personal recommendations

The recommendations visible in your account are useful to use your plan as well as our service easily and conveniently as well as to achieve the optimal listing on Google for Jobs.

We also show you which recommendations are currently most relevant to your account. The relevance of the recommendations can be seen by the percentage next to the title of each recommendation.

Furthermore, it is worthwhile to regularly check your account for further suggestions in order to stand out among comparable companies with regard to published job advertisements. Competition can be found in the job world not only among applicants but also among different companies, which is why we have made it our goal to support you as a company with small hints on a permanent basis!

Ready for the ultimate listing?

  1. Consultation arranged

  2. 100% completed recommendations

  3. 0% of comparable companies better optimized for posting job ads

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