The Flexible Application Options

SEO for Jobs offers you as a company, apart from linking to your own website, three other application options on how candidates can apply to your job ad in order to generate the best possible number of applicants for your company.

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The application options at a glance

  • Forwarding to the company website (recommendation)

  • Job advertisement as PDF

  • Open e-mail program

  • Quick application

Every company has different requirements, possibilities or capacities. To help you choose the best application procedure for your job offer, we have summarized and listed all the advantages and special features of each option for you below.

Forwarding to the company website

With this application option, the potential candidate is redirected to your company website via a link you have provided, where the job offer can be called up again, or there is also the option of being redirected directly to an application form.

The advantages

  • The job offer can be explained in detail once again

  • You can design your application process yourself or guide applicants through your existing application process

  • Applicants can get more information about your company

  • The website gets more views, which can lead to a higher ranking on Google

We recommend redirecting to a company's respective website, as this gives you as an employer another opportunity to present the job on offer in detail. Furthermore, you can draw attention to other job offers, if available, and thus have the chance of a higher number of applicants.

You also have the opportunity to guide applicants through the existing application process on your own website. Another advantage of applying on your own website is that you can include tools such as images or videos in your job ad, perhaps already giving candidates a first insight into your company and the job described.

Also, when designing the layout of your job ad, this gives you yet another opportunity to incorporate your company's personal touch, such as colors or font. Since the job offers on Google all have an identical appearance, this is a good opportunity to stand out from other companies.

Job advertisement as PDF

With the job advertisement as PDF, after calling up your link, the applicant is shown a PDF file in which you have the option of designing it freely and once again comprehensively describing the job offer that you are offering.

The advantages

  • Free in the layout design of your PDF file

  • You can insert as many pages as you like

  • Job applications are often already available in PDF format and can be uploaded directly

The job advertisement as PDF is a good alternative if your company does not have its own website. This gives you the opportunity to design the PDF file according to your ideas, you can formulate your job advertisement in detail once again and you also have the opportunity to present your company in this way.

The disadvantages

  • PDF files are not optimized for cell phones

  • You cannot integrate links

If a PDF file is only available as a download, this can be an obstacle for candidates who come across your job ad on mobile. Most of the time, PDF formats are not constructed for cell phones, so potential candidates have to zoom in on the text, which can result in a loss of quality and make the text unrecognizable.

Open e-mail program

If you have decided to use the e-mail program as an application option for yourself, the e-mail window will be opened immediately for the applicant after clicking on the link, and the e-mail address you have stored will be entered as the recipient.

The advantages

  • The application is fast and uncomplicated

  • No high expenditure of time for applicants

When using this application option, however, it should be borne in mind that not every computer or cell phone has an e-mail program that opens automatically and these candidates therefore do not have the opportunity to apply for your job advertisement.

Quick application

The quick application is an easy way for candidates to respond to your job advertisement. If you do not have your own website that can be accessed by candidates, SEO for Jobs will redirect potential candidates to a page we have pre-designed, where once again your job offer will be highlighted and candidates can apply.

The advantages

  • User-friendly

  • No large expenditure of time for you and the applicants

  • Higher number of applicants due to less effort

A quick application offers you as a company the chance to "get to know" the candidates in their short applications in just a few moments. This allows you as a company to quickly decide if the candidate is a good fit for you and if you would like to get to know them better, or if they don't fit your desired profile, without having to spend a lot of time. The candidate's application is forwarded to the email you used to register with SEO for Jobs.

Conclusion of the different application options

SEO for Jobs thus offers you four different ways to place your job ad, all of which have their own advantages and, if applicable, disadvantages.

After this article, you will hopefully be able to analyze exactly which is the most suitable application option for your company and your job ad and thus choose the best possible offer for you.

So, should you be concerned with creating the greatest possible reach and number of applicants, SEO for Jobs recommends forwarding applicants to your own company website. This way you have the freedom to personalize your job advertisement once again, you can accompany the application process and you increase the attention to your own website.

If you as a company do not have your own website, but it is still important to you to list all the necessary information about your company and you want to design your job advertisement yourself, SEO for Jobs recommends the application option as PDF.

The application via e-mail program is a good choice for every company that wants it to be uncomplicated and fast for its applicants and itself.

The quick application is a good choice if you want it to be like the e-mail application without a lot of time and user-friendly, but it is still important to you that your job ad is displayed once again on a separate page.

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