Ropes Course Operator

Position Summary

This position will deliver a unique, engaging and entertaining experience to all guests and is responsible for providing exemplary service in a professional and courteous manner.  This role will also adhere to strict safety standards, while providing memorable guest moments.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Adhere to company policies and procedures. 

  • Strive to achieve customer satisfaction KPIs in order to meet and exceed guest expectations.  

  • Educate, entertain and inspire guests throughout their experience. 

  • Manage and monitor guest experience at all times while on the course site to ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone. 

  • Follow standard operating procedures and demonstrate techniques and safety guidelines to guests. 

  • Conduct ropes course guest training. 

  • Provide course instructions to ensure a safe, successful and enjoyable experience. 

  • Guide, instruct and supervise guest safely throughout the course.  

  • Assist with equipment inventory and report equipment damage, malfunction and repair requirements 

  • Fit harnesses and correctly supervise the use of all personal safety equipment. 

  • Perform daily inspections and take inventory of the course and equipment. 

  • Clean and maintain course as required.  

  • Keep the ropes course area and equipment storage neat, clean and orderly. 

  • Keep neat and accurate operational records and logs and prepare daily reports as required 

  • Observe and report daily facility conditions and situations to the Guest Experience Supervisor.  

  • Keep up-to-date on all new products and offerings. 

  • Provide unique and memorable experiences to guests. 

  • Attend training programs to achieve the best guest experience.  

  • Ensure all admission and sales data is captured to maximize reporting potential.   

  • Work closely with all internal and external departments to foster an outstanding and seamless guest experience throughout Union Station. 

  • Previous experience in a customer, retail or guest services position preferred.  

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills required.  

  • Strong listening, presentation and decision-making skills. 

  • Ability to anticipate guests’ needs and tactfully deal with unsafe guest behavior. 

  • Must pass ropes course certification. 

Place of work

St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station
201 South 18th Street
63103 St. Louis
United States of America

Employer profile

The St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station is not just an attraction - it's an underwater wonderland that brings marine life to the heart of the Midwest.

Our dedicated staff works together to create unforgettable experiences for visitors of all ages, while promoting a deeper understanding of our planet's aquatic ecosystems.

Join us at the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station and be a part of an organization that blends entertainment with education, making a positive impact on both guests and our natural world!

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